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Logo Creation - Brand Identity Design - Website Development - Blog Writing - Social Media Management

Born to be Alive isn't just a website, it's a project of love dedicated to preserving the incredible legacy of my grandfather, a talented music producer. I embarked on this journey to ensure his work and story continue to inspire generations to come.

As his granddaughter, I wore many hats throughout this project. I crafted a logo and brand identity that captures the essence of his musical spirit. I then built a user-friendly website to showcase his work, allowing music lovers to explore his discography and delve into his captivating story. Currently, I'm actively managing the website's blog and social media presence, fostering a vibrant online community dedicated to his musical legacy.

Furthermore, Born to be Alive is actively taking on new business inquiries, including:
Advertising campaign soundtracks
Film soundtrack opportunities
Any other type of music synchronization

We invite you to explore the website and connect with us to keep my grandfather's musical journey alive!

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