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Planning parties and strategies is serious shit.
Claudine will help you out!

Club Claudine is a full-service event production and digital marketing company specialised in arts and entertainment.

She anticipates trends and develops customized projects with her special touch.​

Claudine stands for: open-minded, flexible, fresh, young, involved, creative, optimistic and people-oriented.

She makes good use of her senses: listening, feeling, observing.


You need to build a loyal community, create awareness and of course generate traffic.

Claudine can help you define your brand vision.

She will help you develop a solid and relevant digital strategy.

First of all, you will start together by identifying the targets and their habits.

Then, you will develop a message that will reach the right people, via the most appropriate channels.

Website, digital campaign, community management...

the possibilities are numerous!

From moments to movements, her actions engage your audience and drive your business.


Club Claudine is specialized in event management and production for intimate dinners, birthdays, office parties, exhibitions, product launches, and more.

Her parties are customized and tailored to each of her client’s needs making it a special experience for you and your guests.


Claudine will make sure that you enjoyed your own events as being part of the guests. 

If you would like to know more about Claudine’s work as an event planner, please do get in touch and she’ll provide a free quote.

We do not remember days or nights...But, rather the moments.

Are you keen to work with me and want to talk about your project? 


Phone : +32 495 75 66 19
Location : Belgium 

E-mail :

Merci pour votre envoi !

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